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Epic Pose by SaratheTheif Epic Pose :iconsarathetheif:SaratheTheif 2 3 This is what boredom does by SaratheTheif This is what boredom does :iconsarathetheif:SaratheTheif 4 5
Timezone Magic
▼: what r u up to?
▼: wait... what time is it there?
▲: about 10 pm, on friday. No school on saturday here...
▼: it's 9:52 am here
▼: saturday
▼: i'm in the future!
▲: WOAHHH the magic of timezones
▼: yeahhh!
:iconsarathetheif:SaratheTheif 2 1
Pink and Fancy by SaratheTheif Pink and Fancy :iconsarathetheif:SaratheTheif 3 0 Peekaboo by SaratheTheif Peekaboo :iconsarathetheif:SaratheTheif 3 1 Doc, what are you doing by SaratheTheif Doc, what are you doing :iconsarathetheif:SaratheTheif 495 120
Another random OC meme
Choose 12 OCs (state gender!):
1. Crayon   - female
2. Seraph   - male
3. Xanthe   - male
4. Zephyr   - male
5. Raja     - female
6. Savastra - female
7. Fraiser  - male
8. Drego    - male
9. Nakia    - female
10.Zelena   - female
11.Realitia - female
12.Anya     - female
Quiz Time~~
1. 1,3,6,10 are playing poker. Who wins?
Well Crayon wouldn't pay attention, Savastra wouldn't understand it, and Xanthe would turn into Mr.Date-Rape for Zelena... so no one wins the poker match.
2. 4 &9 are about to get married. 2,5,7 crashes their wedding. What happens?
Fraiser just wants his ho Nakia back, but obviously couldn't defeat Zephyr on his own, so he got Seraph and Raja to help. CUE EPIC BATTLE SCENE
3. If 12 just screams in the middle of the night, what is the reason?
A shadow in her closet -_-
:iconsarathetheif:SaratheTheif 1 5
Random Shipping Meme
Choose ten of your favorite characters from THE SAME cartoon/anime/other in random order WITHOUT LOOKING AT THE GOD DAMNED QUESTIONS FIRST and fill them out. OCs don't really work, but if you wanna... :/
1) Which would you rather choose, Six/Three or Six/Ten?
Nakia and Xanthe... (6/3) Drego gets no love D:
:iconsarathetheif:SaratheTheif 1 4
Dood by SaratheTheif Dood :iconsarathetheif:SaratheTheif 4 8 wolf? by SaratheTheif wolf? :iconsarathetheif:SaratheTheif 6 5 Awesome Picture of Awesomeness by SaratheTheif Awesome Picture of Awesomeness :iconsarathetheif:SaratheTheif 2 19 woah by SaratheTheif woah :iconsarathetheif:SaratheTheif 2 5 Random OC Meme by SaratheTheif Random OC Meme :iconsarathetheif:SaratheTheif 0 0 Scio icon by SaratheTheif Scio icon :iconsarathetheif:SaratheTheif 11 13 YES by SaratheTheif YES :iconsarathetheif:SaratheTheif 1 15 Similar to Others by SaratheTheif Similar to Others :iconsarathetheif:SaratheTheif 0 1


Cloakless by shinigamii Cloakless :iconshinigamii:shinigamii 44 50 Making patterns and sewing toes by IsisMasshiro Making patterns and sewing toes :iconisismasshiro:IsisMasshiro 2,212 270
The Ultimate Headcanon/OC Challenge
Welcome to the Ultimate Headcanon or OC Challenge. I find that answering questions like this about a character helps you gain an even deeper level of the character's personality. It's a good exercise for writers, artists, and even an average joe like me. Pick a character and get your imagination going.
This Character is from:
1. Real Name:
2. Age:
3. Birthday:
4. Family members:
5. Relationships:
6. Hidden talent:
7. Their Job:
8. Hobbies:
9. Something they dream of doing:
10. A food they can't resist:
11. Favorite sport to play:
12. Favorite sport to watch:
13. Religion:
14. Worst fear:
15. Injuries:
16. Something they dream of having:
17. How they react under pressure:
18. Hot or cold places?:
19. What literature they enjoy:
20. What movies they would watch:
21. What music they would listen to:
22. Morning schedule:
23. An object that is important to them:
24. A skill they are bad at:
25. Something relaxing:
26. Pet-Peeve:
27. Favorite holiday:
28. Favorite color:
:iconhilariousbread:HilariousBread 9 0
Homestuck by 33ridan Homestuck :icon33ridan:33ridan 2,296 8,195 Sara, Lucario Sirin by RavarokJudge Sara, Lucario Sirin :iconravarokjudge:RavarokJudge 26 14
oh my fucking god, i will never b the same
i've never felt so safe to be in my room in my entire life,. i literally rushed out of the car infront of dad and moe and rushed right into the house, into my room, and stright onto my computer, i had to write this entry
i;m still shaking over it
i've stopped crying, but still shaking
dad and moe talked me into seeing this religoius person, thye told me eveythings gonna be okay and i believed them, i actually went. i did it to please dad. moe knows i'm a girl and he accepts me as i am, but dad's still trying to "cure" me, so i went.
and this religoius person, this fucking asshole, he hit me. i swear to god i;m not lying or mkaing this up, ask Moe, i'll give you his email account or skype or whatever if you think im exagurating, he cant believe it himself. he fucking hit me, god i'm starting to cry now, but i'll finish this journal then go to bed and cry.
he took one look at me
stated to dad that i'm possesed and have split personality (wtf!!!!)
and he hit me hard on my chest
then he gr
:iconpinkbluebibliofreak:pinkbluebibliofreak 169 3,207
Sitting in the Sand - A tribute to Journey by soupcan13 Sitting in the Sand - A tribute to Journey :iconsoupcan13:soupcan13 279 119
Star Trekkin' Across the Universe
Author's Note: Strong language is used below. If you are offended by this, then please do not read.
Although I personally think it's funny as heck in this instance, but that's my opinion. xD
"……I feel like telling a story…"
"Then tell a story."
"But I don't know any good ones that I haven't told already."
"Then make one up."
A long, long, time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, there was an evil empire…… -- I don't actually know the whole thing."
"Yeah, I was gonna say, if you did…"
"Hah, yeah, I know. Anyway, alonglongtimeagoinagalaxyfarfaraway, there was an evil
empire… that hated towels."
"Also in this far-far-away galaxy, there lived this guy named Zaphod Beeblebrox, who was most definitely not shamelessly stolen from a completely different story, and who absolutely loved towels. Like, they were basically the only thing he ever wore. Obviously, Zaphod had some problems with the empire. The
:iconkeiratehkewl:KeiraTehKewl 5 10
dragon brothers live somewhere village by euraru dragon brothers live somewhere village :iconeuraru:euraru 4 0 Welcome to the Borderlands by RavarokJudge Welcome to the Borderlands :iconravarokjudge:RavarokJudge 21 8 Journey__Lets start the Journey by LuCiFelLo Journey__Lets start the Journey :iconlucifello:LuCiFelLo 477 16 The Journeyer by Bakenekoya The Journeyer :iconbakenekoya:Bakenekoya 355 87 float by euraru float :iconeuraru:euraru 2 5 dragonet by euraru dragonet :iconeuraru:euraru 3 8 Cloth people by Zigzagpaul2 Cloth people :iconzigzagpaul2:Zigzagpaul2 777 315
The Death of Death Itself
Had the Grim Reaper been a pious man, he would have prayed to God for strength and patience. However, he was not, so he had to suffice with closing his eyes and sucking in a breath of hot, sour air, his skeletal fingers clutching his scythe close.
He must have misheard Beelzebub. Or Mephistopheles, or Lucifer, or Satan, or whatever it was the modern creatures called him nowadays. To hell with it; 'Darkness' would do for now.
"Excuse me, Lord Darkness? I don't think I quite caught that," he rasped, his voice like ice pressed against hot coals.
The dark figure before him sniggered cruelly. "You heard me correctly, my Angel of Death. You will take on an apprentice."
An uncomfortable silence fell, broken only by the distant screams of souls in Purgatory. He incredulously wondered why he should be given an apprentice. After all, he did the job fine by himself, and it wasn't as though he was going anywhere any time soon.
The Grim Reaper ground his teeth as he did mental backflips to try to t
:iconkeiratehkewl:KeiraTehKewl 4 12




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